Do you have an old laptop or desktop collecting dust because you don't know how or where to dispose of it? Contact me, I will gladly take care of recycling old components! Any that are in working condition may be re-purposed for people who cannot afford higher end computers. So what I'm looking for is your old laptops, broken or not, I can use the parts, power supplies, batteries, or anything! I am looking for parts as a donation because I see far too many companies large and small just trashing perfectly good laptops! When this happens those computers end up essentially ground into tiny bits! If you allow me to re-purpose your unused components, I am able to swap around parts, buy extra parts, and build complete machines out of them. Anyways. if you have anything to donate or sell for a fair price, please send me an email or view my ads on used victoria. Thanks a lot! Welcome PARADOXDESIGNS.ORG Welcome to paradoxdesigns.